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Explore the worlds of STEM with ibrick's online afterschool club

Spark your kids' creativity and Innovation
One brick at a time, with a new ibrick adventure every week!
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One kit. Endless models.
Play. Learn. Repeat.
Step 1
Get your ibrick kit!
Feeling curious? Grab your kit, a new LEGO-compatible adventure will wait every week!
Step 2
Dive into new adventure
Build hundreds of exciting models with our digital instructions - accessible anywhere and at anytime
Step 3
Play & enjoy your creation
Watch your creations come to life and upgrade them with unique age based challenges!
Made for kids, developed by engineers
Discover the wonders of STEM through the joy of building with LEGO - compatible bricks
Challenge your kids to explore and invent in the ibrick adventure
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Parents share about ibrick
Recommended from the bottom of my heart! Everytime a new lesson comes out my child is over the
Katia Kikoza
Parents share about ibrick
Highly recommended! It's our best quality time with our child. Each model comes with an interesting lesson, helping the child develop his general knowledge and learn in-depth about the models he builds
Matt Danilo
Parents share about ibrick
Recommended from the bottom of my heart! Everytime a new lesson comes out my child is over the roof looking forward to see what is he going to learn about! just a perfect activity for LEGO lovers.
Gil Linemblum
Parents share about ibrick
A must have for LEGO lovers! My children can't wait for their weekly adventure, an amazing activity for them to learn, work together and bond.
Thomas Kain
Parents share about ibrick
My Owen is always excited to explain what he learned in his lego online lesson, highly recommended!
Sharon Davis
Parents share about ibrick
My boy loved it! The kids learn about a principle from the worlds of science and then implement it through the model they create! it is very informative, enjoyable and charming! Warmly recommended
Daphi Blumental
Everything you need to know about
the ibrick kit
How does the subscription work?
First, choose your subscription, and we'll deliver the kit right to your doorstep. Once your kit arrives, just log in to your ibrick account to start an exciting Lego-based adventure of building and learning! Every week, a new instruction manual will unlock, accompanied by a video lesson and creative missions to challenge your child and reinforce what they've learned in the lesson.
I have LEGO at home, why do I need ibrick?
ibrick goes beyond just building LEGO models, we offer a hands-on learning experience that encourages your child to explore STEM and the world around us.
What can I do if I lose or break a piece?
For broken or missing pieces, reach out to our support. We'll swiftly send replacements, ensuring uninterrupted building and learning!
What is ibrick?
ibrick is an online after-school club subscription, where children can learn and explore our world through play. Using the ibrick kit you could build hundreds of models while learning STEM and much more!
Who developed ibrick's content?
The extensive collection of ibrick models was crafted by mechanical engineers who applied their expertise to maximize the potential of the ibrick kit. The lessons and educational content within the ibrick adventure were meticulously created by a team of child development specialists, incorporating valuable feedback from the bright young minds of ibrick learners.
How can I cancel my subscription?
To cancel your subscription, simply send us an email. A member of the ibrick support team will take care of the rest.
What are the advantages of the ibrick adventure?
ibrick Adventure is an engaging educational program that nurtures creativity, problem-solving, and fine motor skills in children through unique challenges and the building of intricate models. Structured lessons and creative missions provide a vast knowledge base, fostering a sense of achievement and boosting confidence for a fun and rewarding learning experience.
How is each lesson structured?
Each week a new lesson becomes available on our platform. Every lesson is divided into 3 parts 1. Building a new model with our digital instructions 2. Exploring a new topic in the video lesson 3. Inventing and problem-solving through various tasks and challenging missions
Is the content always available?
You can build and learn with ibrick whenever you want and wherever you want! All you need is the ibrick kit and access to our digital platform.
How many models and lessons are there in the ibrick adventure?
In the ibrick adventure, there are hundreds of models and lessons that are waiting for you. From cars and various aircraft to sorts of machines and animals! ibrick is your companion to learning and creating anything you can think of!
What countries do you deliver to?
We deliver globally! Wherever you are, the ibrick kit can arrive at your doorstep free of charge!
Can I change age groups during the subscription?
Absolutely! We understand age isn't everything! If you'd like to move up or down an age group during your subscription just email us and we'll take care of the rest for you.
Can I delay the start of my subscription?
The ibrick adventure is a great gift! If you would like to postpone the activation of your subscription for a while until an upcoming holiday or personal birthday we can absolutley help with that! Email our support team and they'll make sure to activate the account on the requested date.